• Bathroom accessories
    <p>Aquasanit offers various <strong>solutions</strong> designed to modernize and make the bathroom more functional, practical items that guarantee the bathroom a more refined and elegant style. The LED <strong>mirrors</strong> are available in various shapes to better adapt to the washbasin area while the magnifying mirrors boast various strenghts (extendable arm, built-in LED light, etc.). The <strong>towel stands</strong> are another multifunctional proposal: some models have also incorporated the toilet brush holder. The <strong>bathroom mats</strong> made of memory foam have a practical and aesthetic function and are available in various colors and sizes.</p> <p></p>
  • Colour your style
    <p>Creating <strong>harmony</strong> in the bathroom also means <strong>choosing coordinated products</strong>, which follow the same style and design, in order to develop a carefully studied and well-finished setting. The <strong>Colour your Style</strong> collection brings together the most important bathroom products that give an original and customizable character to the bathroom, no matter the aesthetic and functional needs. The <strong>various finishes available</strong> make it possible to create unique settings with a strong and very modern personality. Choose from the <strong>various finishes and shapes of the collection</strong> and create your new style now!</p>
  • Shower accessories
    <p>Making the <strong>shower</strong> space even more functional is now possible thanks to the various <strong>Aquasanit</strong> proposals dedicated to the shower. The<strong> shower basket</strong>s of the <strong>Attractive</strong> series are available in different shapes and in two finishes: chrome and matt black; in addition, they are made of <strong>aluminium</strong> guaranteed against rust, which makes them ideal for use in the shower. <strong>Wiper</strong> series makes cleaning shower enclosure’s walls easier than ever before while Jack <strong>hangers</strong> are a practical solution to recover functional hooks where necessary.</p>
  • Disability aids
    <p>These <strong>bathroom aids</strong> accessories are items designed to offer greater safety to the elderly or users with mobility limitations. The <strong>Care</strong> series perfectly combines the pursuit of aesthetic appearance and style associated with <strong>functionality</strong> and <strong>robustness</strong>, demonstrating that it is possible and indispensable to combine beauty, design and safety in the bathroom.</p> <p>The products of the series are made with <strong>safety</strong>, <strong>comfort</strong> and the best usability of domestic environments in mind: safety handrails, bath and shower seats, toilet lifts and various accessories designed to ensure safety in the bathroom without neglecting the attention to design.</p>
  • Shower enclosures
    <p><strong>New Plus</strong> is a complete range of <strong>shower enclosures</strong> with features that make them the choice that perfectly combines quality, functionality and modern design. With a height of 195 cm and the shower walls made of <strong>6 mm</strong> thick tempered safety <strong>glass</strong>, the New Plus shower enclosures stand out among the proposals available on the market. The shape of the narrow and elongated handle gives this series a <strong>modern design</strong>; in addition, the handle in the horizontal position provided in some models also becomes a convenient <strong>towel holder</strong>. The perfect sliding of the doors is guaranteed by special <strong>bearings</strong>. The bearings in the lower part provide a quick release with a simple gesture for easy cleaning and maintenance. Inside the shower enclosure there are <strong>profiles</strong> that <strong>cover</strong> the fixing screws which guarantee better aesthetics, greater hygiene and cleanliness. The profiles in the upper part are equipped with chromed cover caps. The doors can be adjusted using a special screw in the upper part of the shower enclosure.</p>

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