Shower baskets

In order to have a functional and well-organized shower space it is important to use the right products: Aquasanit shelves are solutions designed to facilitate the organization of objects in the shower, without sacrificing style and practicality. The various series cover different needs, shapes and finishes.

  • Attractive
  • Elegance
    <p><strong>Elegance</strong> is a very refined series of shower baskets, which combines elegant lines with <strong>functionality</strong>. The series is made of steel, guaranteed against rust and has a fixing with screws and dowels included. Elegance is available in <strong>two finishes</strong>: chrome or matt black. The packaging is made of completely <strong>recyclable</strong> cardboard, for a considerable respect of the environment.</p>
  • Essential
    <p class="MsoNormal">The <strong>Essential series</strong> consists of 3<strong> multifunctional hanging shower shelves</strong>. Thanks to the various <strong>advantages</strong> (large shelves, extra hooks, suction cup for secure fixing) the shelves are an easy solution to use in every shower, making the <strong>space</strong> even <strong>more practical</strong> and <strong>well organised</strong>.</p>

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